Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yoga Reflection & Pigeon Pose

I have been practicing yoga now for over a year. There are still some poses that baffle me, and for the most part I still feel like a yoga newbie. However with yoga came a chance to learn how to breathe, let go and a connection to my body I have never felt before. I still have stress, anxiety and OCD but when I am on my mat it melts away.

One of my favorite poses is pigeon pose. It opens up the hips and it is said we hold fear in our hips. Bye bye fear! I also heard that if you suffer from anxiety that pigeon would be difficult, I however find it deeply relaxing - to the point I want to nap in this pose! The video above is really great at showing you how to do the pose and variations. I have not mastered getting my leg in alignment with the mat, I am still at the 10 and 2 o'clock knee positions.

If you want to try yoga - do it! Do not let the fear of not being flexible hold you back! I am learning how to be more flexible and you will to! I want to blog more about yoga this year and encourge people to try it!


  1. I found very good variations in Video, with seeing your video any person can do easily. pigeon pose helps to take deeply relaxation with this you can get total body refreshment.

  2. I got some amazing yoga information through this reading. All of them are really impressive to follow. I can't wait to share them with my brother. They will love these information. Did you check bound angle headstand pose? What's your opinion?

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