Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nap Time


I really like taking naps. Even from an early age I was fond of nap time. In preschool we would go to a dark open room and lay on a vinyl mat and sleep, I had no problem with it. I believe my nap time love comes from nap time genes. My mom is a napper, if she is home and it is the middle of the day chances are she is napping. My dad naps too but I feel my mom is more serious about it.
Matt is not a napper. When he calls from work and I am in the middle of dream time I feel guilty. So I try to answer the phone as if I was awake. Well, Matt is good at telling when I have been asleep.
These days of sunshine and wind have made me super sleepy. I pick up my Kindle Fire, have Mar join me for a few chapters and we both crash. When you have a 19 pound kitty that snores in bed with you it just makes nap time more awesome!

Do you enjoy taking naps?

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I love naps...I was just contemplating taking one now before bedtime.

    Mister Spooky is the same as your mister; he can always tell if I've been napping if he calls me in the middle of a snooze and I try to hide it.

    I love curling up w/ my Kindle and kitty too! :)

    Happy napping!