Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 4] Good Enough To Eat: Coconut Lime Shower Wash

On a whim I picked up Tree Hut Shea's coconut lime shower while I was at Ulta. I liked how it smelled, kinda tropical but not over powering. I am a fan of things that smell like fruit or baked goods. After using it in the shower my skin felt soft and moisturized. The body wash is free of parabens which is important to me. It is under $10 for a large bottle - it is so creamy a bit goes a long way.

The line says there are no animal ingredients used but after looking around I see some items contain lanolin and bee products. However this body was is vegan and is a great buy! Oh and the scent, while tropical is very clean and great for a gal or a guy! It is not super fruity or perfume-y. 


  1. I LOVE coconut lime scents (there are several in our bathroom right now), so this is definitely something I'd love. I'll have to look around here for it.

  2. I have only seen it at Ulta - but it could be at other stores hiding!