Friday, October 19, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 15] Fast Food Friday: Subway Buffalo Chicken Sub

I used to eat at Subway many years ago...however spending $5 on a sandwich with wilted GMO veggies and nothing more did not sit well with me.

Don't mind the crumbs guys - it was put together rather fast! I made this sandwich last night. It is a buffalo soy curl sandwich on a roll. I experimented with hot sauce, while I usually go for Frank's I tried Wizard's mixed with Tabasco. I saw someone using a sweeter hot sauce on a cooking show and was intrigued. It was good, a sweet mild heat was great with crusty bread! I should have put ranch on the thing but my mind was all over the place, I blame caffeine and hunger! I served it with original PopChips - I love those things!


  1. That looks like a rad sandwich, screw Subway!

  2. Did you say, Tabasco? Man Tabasco is my new best friend. I especially like their Chipotle and Smoked Habanero versions. *slurrrrp* *glug glug* :D