Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 19] Good Enough To Eat: Fresh Perfumes

I like perfume...I like it to be clean and personal. When I say personal I mean I want to smell the scent on myself and if someone hugs me to smell it. I do not want to walk in a room and leave a trail of scent behind. I really hate when someone wears so much perfume it smells up the whole room and makes you feel ill. Also why do people feel the need to wear perfume to the gym?!?

I have tried a few of Fresh's fragrances, which are all vegan. I am currently wearing Cannabis Santal - which states it is a male fragrance but I find it unisex. I usually like fruity/foody scents but this is warm and sweet. It has notes of plum, chocolate and a woody note to it...Perfect for fall!

Fresh has scents ranging from fruity to musky...Sephora carries the line and you can spend the day just smelling all the scents! What fragrance are you wearing right now?

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