Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Vegan Mofo Day 8] Trying Out More Sandwiches

 I guess breaking out of my food patterns has put me into another food pattern: sandwiches. Maybe next "something new Wednesday" I will pass up on sandwiches.

First off a pita pocket sandwich with organic green mix, organic avocados, organic tomatoes, baked savory tofu, hot sauce and hummus dressing. So I have never picked up a bottle of Trader Joe's hummus dressing before - it is good. Actually I think it is the same stuff that comes with the lentil wraps that I get on occasion.

Second sandwich Boca vegan nuggets (those on the side were for Mar to eat and Matt to try!) with organic sprouts and the same ingredients above (minus the tofu)...

I was craving comfort food so I made BBQ pulled 'pork' using jack fruit and mixed it with mac and cheeze. I made Matt a pulled jack fruit sandwich to try out...I just ate mine with vegan-buttered toast! I have been in a toast mood...


  1. That BBQ pulled pork sandwich with mac & cheese looks totally rad. I have Joni's pulled pork recipe bookmarked to make soon & now I really can't wait.

  2. My Hornswaggle Salad Sandwich wants to marry your Faux Porkique and Mac Sandwich.

    The Sheriff

  3. I love how you have some extra nuggets for Mar. :)