Friday, October 5, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 5] Fast Food Friday: Jack In The Box Tacos

2 tacos for 99 cents? It seems like a dream come true for some. Actually I think some people were dreaming when they said Jack In The Box Tacos were vegan (Google search it). We know fast food is cheap and uses soy to replace some of the meat, actually JITB came under fire for it, but JITB tacos are not vegan....UNTIL NOW!!!!

Behold Jack In The Box 2 for 99 cent tacos - veganized! The are easy to make, cheap and in Matt opinion taste like the real deal. I vaguely remember the tacos - maybe even think I remember them.

[What You Need]
-one can of vegan refried beans (I used Amy's refried black beans)
-one package of corn tortillas
-shredded lettuce
-shredded vegan cheddar cheeze 
-hot sauce
-sea salt
-vegetable oil for frying

Heat up about a 1/2 inch of oil in the frying pan on medium  high heat. Get a tortilla, spread on a layer of beans (keeping it centralized - so it does not seep out of the edges). Add a tiny pinch of salt over the beans and gently fold in half. Do this till you have the number of tacos you want. Fry each taco for about 1-2 minutes per side, till they are crispy. Once removed from oil, place on a plate lined with paper towels and sprinkle with a bit more salt. Add a bit of lettuce and cheeze to each taco. Serve with hot sauce and if you are inclined some french fries like I did above!

My mom turned me onto this recipe! Matt was like "you can't make those tacos at home - no way" after his plate of tacos and fries he was very happy and content! My mom and I debated using a ground soy product with the beans - but honestly you do not need it! If you are using black beans - the dark look and bold flavor will be there. My mom said the salt is necessary and Matt said the taco sauce is a must...I think it all works out together! 


  1. I never thought of frying the beans inside the shell. I must try this, it sounds amazing, I used to love JitB tacos!

  2. I used to love those JIB tacos, especially with french fries! I like the idea of using refried beans but soy chorizo would probably be closer to the mystery meat filling they had. I also recall the tacos having sliced not shredded cheese. Tofutti slices would be perfect for that.

  3. I think the soyrizo would actually overpower the taste. Oh and the sliced vegan cheeze is not really good in my opinion (unless you have acess to Daiya wedges - which I did not at the time), plus I had Daiya here - once melted it was fine - it has a sharpness needed to make it taste 'real'.

  4. I've never had JitB, but I'm impressed with your innovation. Tacos and french fries? Is that a thing? I've never had that combo before either. Am I missing all the good stuff?

  5. Whoa that is some kickass dinner. Can't beat Daiya wedges either.

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