Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 2] Tea Time - Kusmi Sweet Love

 Last time I was in San Francisco I picked up a few Kusmi teas to try out and explore the brand. Sweet Love is my favorite out of the three I picked up. It is spicy and bold, very much like a chai spiced tea and like being in love it warms you up and gets you going! It is so flavorful I even drink it strait up, no sweetener or non-dairy milk  (I prefer tea strait up in the morning to get me going). The tea is bold and really flavorful, you can see the spice pods whole in the mix. I am not a fan of super ground up spices and leaves - I often think that this leads to a crappy cup of tea.
I have been trying to hang on to my little tin as long as I can. I think I have two more scoops for my tea diffuser till I am out. No fear - there are more Kusmi blends I feel that I need to try!


  1. Sounds awesome!
    I love spicy teas : )

  2. Ooo love Kusmi tea, but I never buy it because it's quite expensive. Next time I do though, I'll have to try this flavor.

  3. I know the price scares me off - so I try to hold onto my lil tin as much as I can!