Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 13] Trying Out New Products

When we went to Whole Foods last Saturday we got to sample some yummy vegan products! I was happy because when I go to Costco I rarely get to sample anything!  Actually everytime we have been to the Oakland Whole Foods in the day time they have vegan demos! Yes!!! 

I saw Genuto in VegNews magazine and when the demo was setting up I got really excited. We tried the Double Espresso flavor and the Simply Pistachio flavor. We both think the Double Espresso won the taste off! It had a nice coffee flavor balanced out with a chocolate richness that was nice and smooth. Both flavors had a nice texture and were really creamy.  I wanted to get back in line to try Chocolate Cardadmom...the line was to long - bummer! Right now you can find Genuto in N.CA stores but I am sure it will be expanding soon!

I am a fan of chocolate energy/snack/meal replacement bars. However, I find some taste chalky or powdery - yuck!  I liked Square Bar after sampling a bite - no chalky taste here. They are gluten free, contain stevia, are a sweet and satisfying chocolate fix without making you feel all groggy. I brought home a bar in the Cocoa Crunch flavor and it was a good after gym pick me up!

Yay for sampling some new products and buying some to take home! I wish more stores did vegan demos! There have been times when I bought something that looked good only to hate it! Sampling fixes that and saves money! I know Trader Joe's often demos vegan products - but they often mix vegan products with non vegan products to create the little sample dish - oh no! Little cups of coffee do not count!
The downside of samples are that people are slobs. Walk around a store that gives samples and you will see sampling cups, plates forks just tossed all over the place. Honestly find a trash can - throw it out!

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  1. little cups of coffee do not count!!! hahaha. one of those Kendy comments I dig.