Monday, October 29, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 21]Weekend Round Up: Memories & More Veganized Fast Food

Matt was shooting again this weekend so I stayed home and finally addressed my Halloween cards! I picked them up Friday night from the printers. I am way behind this year!

Saturday was the 9th anniversary of my sister's death. Matt overheard a coworker talking about glow sticks in balloons for a party and I thought that sounded cool so I wanted to bring a few to my sister and some lil things I picked up for her. My mom always is decorating the cemetery with dollar store finds.Some people may find this morbid or weird but I feel it is a way to remember and celebrate someone you are missing. My mom pulled up as we got there and I shared some of my candy loot that Amber sent me!

Dinner was at Thai House, our fave place to eat in Modesto (not that we eat out a lot around here). They really know how to hook a vegan up! The fresh spring rolls with sweet and sour (and for me salty) sauce is a must have! If you are ever in Modesto - go here to eat!
The other place in town we grab food from - Greens Market had vegan doughnuts and brownies so I picked a few up and we had them after buying Halloween candy at Target (again very last minute) for Halloween! It is nice having vegan stuff in town!

Our Sunday dinner plans were flipped. Last minute decision was to create a Carl's JR guacamole burger! This was just a last minute deal with loads of guacamole, organic tomatoes, FYH jack-cheeze on a seeded wheat bun! After looking at the Carl's Junior menu I noticed a 'veg' option that is a bun, guacamole, veggies and cheese...I am not sure how popular that is. Their other option is a turkey-guac burger. I bet the vegan Quorn patty would be a good bet for a fill in. However I have not found them anywhere! So the Gardein fresh patty was what I used! With a side of fries dinner was good!

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