Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Vegan Mofo Day 22] Tea Time: Starbucks

I have been ordering tea at Starbucks lately because my decaf usually ends up being caffeinated...I can handle the caffeine in tea more so than coffee. If it is cold I get a chai tea bag (not a chai latte - the mix contains honey) with steamed soy milk and either a pump of caramel syrup or vanilla syrup. The soy milk tastes so much better steamed - do not miss this step!  I also really dig on the vanilla rooibos tea. If it is hot outside a black tea with lemonade hits the spot! Another warm weather fave is a passion tea apple juice with a pump of classic and pump of raspberry! Matt likes the passion tea lemonade sweetened!

I go to a coffee place and order tea - so what!?!

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