Thursday, November 11, 2010

[day 9] Rice Kirspy Treats!

Yup - I made rice krispy treats the other day and they reminded me of youthful days when my mom would make them for me! For 15 or so years I had yet to have a decent rice krispy treat due to lack of decent vegan marshmallows. Then Dandies came along and made me go all nostalgic for the treats of my youth!

[Rice Krispy Treats - Vegan Style]
6 cups of Barbara's Brown Rice Crisps cereal*
1 bag of Dandies
2 tablespoons of Earth Balance

Melt EB in a large pan, when melted add Dandies, let melt over medium heat for a few minutes until they are melted (stir them every few minutes). Add cereal, turn off heat and mix well. Put mixture into a lubed 8X8 pan (or larger if you like thinner treats) and let cool for a hour!

*Original Rice Krispies are said to contain D3 - lanolin - ick!

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