Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[day 12] Generic Brands

I shop at Raley's weekly and have for many years. I have lived near a Raley's now for the last 10 years making it easy to get to and convenient. A lot of people complain saying Raley's is a pricey store, I don't see it as such since they have such a huge selection of vegan products including a clean well stocked organic produce section and bulk bins with nutritional yeast! Other stores see vegan products as more of a specialty item and charge crazy amounts - even for raw sugar!
One way I save money at Raley's is by buying their Full Circle line of products. The canned organic beans and tomato sauce is always on sale and saves me a few dollars from the organic brand in the natural foods section. The line even carries home cleaning products free of animal ingredients and testing, again saving me a few dollars.
Every dollar counts in this economy. Start saving yours by buying generic or store brands. Just save me some organic beans for me and all will be good!

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