Friday, November 19, 2010

[day 15] When You Have Tummy Troubles...

I have been kinda-sorta sick these last few weeks possibly from stress. My stomach has been in a funky mood so blogging about food has been nauseating at times and I have not been in the kitchen much. I tried OTC vegan safe meds, tried avoiding spicey food and above all trying to stay away from stress...

Tonight when I was shopping for books I stopped by the yoga section and saw a few DVD that are supposed to help with digestion and other problems. I picked up Healing Yoga in hopes of some healing. I tried the stomachache section tonight and it relaxed me and I want to try out the whole DVD.
With the holiday season on us and lots of yummy vegan food to be had stress is upon us with food prep and crazy schedules, with stress comes stomachaches for some. I am curious about any natural remedies anyone uses! Please post if you have any.

Look out next week for some vegan product reviews since I received a order from Vegan Essentials tonight!

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