Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[day 18] Interview With Jen - Never Felt Better

Last month I got to check out the new all vegan shop Never Felt Better in Sacramento creating a buzz! Not only does Jen - the owner know how to pick some awesome stuff (including some of my handmade goods)she is super awesome and all around nice!

I got to ask Jen a few questions about being vegan in Sacramento. I can't wait to be back in Sacramento next month for shopping!

-what gave you the idea to open Never Felt Better?
i have always wanted to open my very own store. in the early 90's it was a flower shop, then a buy-sell-trade, then a craft co-op. when we lived in portland we saw how successfully herbivore/foodfight! grocery thrived within the vegan community and it became a no-brainer. i think with NFB, i have found a marriage of my passion for veganism and handmade that can be sustainable here in sacramento.

-how do you pick what goes into the shop?
i love to support my friends who work so hard at their businesses and who have supported me over time. i have had a mental checklist of folks whose items i have fancied for years since going vegan that i would love to carry in the store. i like to think the handmade items i buy are not only cute and well made but things people want to spend money on.

-what are your favorite items you carry?

the vegan dish pottery bowls and mugs, herbivore tee's, and all the food items. especially now i have a fridge full of sweet and sara smores and marshmallows!

-what is your favorite place to eat in the Sacramento area?

we love au lac veggie, of course sugar plum vegan, loving hut in elk grove and zpizza in roseville. we love to eat out so i could not even come close to choosing just one.

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