Monday, November 15, 2010

[day 11] Cookbook Love - Yellow Rose Recipes

I have a ton of vegan cookbooks and can't wait till new ones come out. I collect everything from the big glossy books down to handmade zines. When I was at Never Felt Better in Sacramento last month I picked up Yellow Rose Recipes. I love this cookbook, the simplicity of it and the at home comfort food feel of the recipes get me in the kitchen.
Tonight I made the tamale pie and while I have no pictures I can say it reminded me of the dish my mom made me as a kid from a box. It was comforting and I was able to use canned beans and have everything in the oven with under a hour of prep! All the recipes have this ease. I have more of the recipes bookmarked but will most likely go with the spice cake next! This book is a must have for those seeking yummy vegan dishes that are comforting and stress free!


  1. I cooked from YRR today as well! I made the curried carrot soup. Fast and easy and yum.

  2. I recently got this book and I'm loving it so far. The Spice Cake was heavenly.