Thursday, November 18, 2010

[day 14] Eating At New To Me Places

I have been kinda ill the last few weeks and lately have not had much of a appetite. Last weekend while Matt and I handed out peanut butter sandwiches to the homeless we came upon Tasty Thai which we heard had vegan options, I ran in and picked up a to go menu. After going over it and seeing lots of vegetarian dishes I decided to try to see what could be made vegan. Tonight when nothing sounded good Matt and I decided to try something new. So I went in and told them what I wanted/did not want in my dish (fish sauce, eggs, animal stock) and they were cool.

We ended up with two dishes to split with rice and tea. Matt ordered a spicy noodle dish with tofu and I ordered eggplant tofu. Yummy dishes served family style so we can pick and choose. I am stuffed and have a cup of tea waiting for me! Goodnight!

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