Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[day 13] Tofu Tips!

We all know it can be a pain to press tofu, not to mention the wasted paper towels. Well, after my go to tofu source ran out of extra firm tofu this week and I needed a few block to make Matt's BBQ tofu I turned to WildWood. The block I got was huge and it was vacuumed sealed without water. It did not need to be pressed just blotted and it was good to go! It was firmer than the old water packed tofu many of us are used to but it was good!

A few months ago over on the PPK someone mentioned using a Shamwow to press tofu. My good ol' pal Kyle gave me a Shamwow and I tried it and it worked great. It made me use less kitchen towels and paper towels! Who said info commercial products are junk?

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  1. i always see that package but ive never bought it. I am definitely going to try it out