Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Vegan Mofo] Pantry Essentials - Hot Sauce

It is not a secret - I love, I mean really love hot sauce. My sauce arsenal ranges from 3 - 6 different varieties at any given time. My go to are always the same though: Sriracha, Frank's and Cholula. Target stocks all of them in various sizes perfect for my needs. I like them for all different reasons and usually will mix a few together depending on dish. Hot sauce is a staple part in my diet and a pantry staple for sure!

Sriracha - Ohhhhh how I love theeeeee flavor booster with a rooster perched on your label! I love Sriracha so much that I have a bottle of it tattooed on my leg and the staff at my fave Thai restaurant look on in amazement as I add more and more to my dish. Sriracha makes a boring dish explode! Have you ever bought a crappy container of hummus on a whim? Don't toss it out - Sriracha it up! I love mixing a squirt in with my veggie crumbles when we have Nacho Night Friday to add heat and an extra wow factor. Sriracha on fries or tots - hell ya! So many Sriracha-bilities for every taste bud out there!

Frank's - my nachos would not be complete without Frank's Original. When The Laziest Vegan posted about using Frank's on a Mexican dish way back when, I thought that it was crazy and sacrilegious. After trying it I wanted to add him to the food saint-hood order! It is magical! I also love it on my mac & cheeze to bring some sweet heat to the mix. Soy curls would not be complete without Frank's - a saucy amount of Frank's, a splash of Sriracha and a smidgen of Earth Balance - off the yum factor chart!

Cholula - makes an appearance on tacos. It is not in my daily arsenal but since I discovered it 6 or so years ago at a resturant I always keep a bottle around. I stick to the original and it sticks to any Mexican inspired dish nicely.

Do you love hot sauce as much I do? What are your favorites when it comes to turning up the heat?


  1. Oh we loooove hot sauce. We always have sriracha and our homemade hot sauce on hand. Franks is usually in there, but we don't go into panic mode if it runs out!

  2. Sriracha sauce is one ingredient that I must, must have in my kitchen - I thank the Malaysian students at University in Glasgow for introducing me to it.