Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How I Celebrated Turning 35 & Vegan Pizza Day

On Saturday June 28th I turned 35! We headed over to the bay area for fun and food. I had all my plans made and due to traffic, bad timing, a bad Uber ride my plans turned into something else but all is good, I still had good food and celebrated right! 

I treated myself to a birthday tattoo! A super cute bottle of Sriracha by Sarah at Royalty Tattoo Collective  in Burlingame, CA. The BART ride out there from Berkeley was long but it was worth it for this super cute tattoo!

Speaking of cute I got to celebrate my birthday on Vegan Pizza Day! Matt got me a cute Hello Kitty pizza plush! One is never too old for Hello Kitty!

Our original plans of eating pizza at a different location fell through as well as other plans. However I had a coupon kicking around for Pizza Moda  and we like the atmosphere and the food is good so we headed there. We got the Smiling Cow + Calabrian chilies, a vegan Caesar salad (I am sad not to see the kale one on the menu now!) and a piece of the vegan fudge-y chocolate cake to split. We were stuffed and our bellies were happy!


  1. Happy belated birthday, I love that you celebrated with a tattoo! And you're so right, you can't be too old for Hello Kitty - I adore the pizza plush.

  2. Happy Belated! Such a coincidence though, I saw Sarah post your tattoo and the it showed up again while blog hopping! We worked together ages ago! Small world, she's pretty awesome.

  3. Agreed great way to celebrate with a tattoo. I already wished you a happy Happy, but here's another Happy, Happy, my friend.