Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BJ's Vegan Friendly Pizza & Drinks

In town my vegan dining out options are limited. Sure I have plenty of options  to choose from at grocery stores to cook my own meals but sometimes you just want to go out, sit down and not worry about cooking timers and clean up. 

Recently Matt and I have been going to BJ's for pizza and drinks. If you order the deep dish vegetarian pizza minus cheese you have a tasty vegan option. Make it clear you want them to make your pizza separate so no cross contamination will happen.  Ask for extra sauce on the pizza & the side - it makes things tasty and if you like heat go for added jalapenos like we did this time around! The crust is really tasty: light and 'buttery' perfect thick crust consistency. It has to be one of my fave pizza crusts! It is the type of crust you can eat on it's own with sauce on the side - childhood memories of toast and marinara sauce come to mind.

If you do go for a drink Matt likes the Oasis beer and I go for a Skinnyrita with agave and fresh squeezed citrus. Barnivore says all draft beers are vegan - just stay away from the cask aged offered at certain locations.

So next time you are in a town with little in the way of vegan dining out options see if a BJ's in nearby. Have a pizza and a drink and be happy you can save that granola bar in your bag for another emergency situation.

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