Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Introducing Mady

On July 18th right after I saw Matt off to work, had my tea and breakfast bar and was about to do 30 minutes of yoga I heard high pitch mewing noises outside. Thinking it was a kid, but realizing that it was to early for children outside I  thought it was one of the feral cats. I went outside and up came this little ball of energy, she ran past me into the house and started purring. I offered her some food but all she wanted was to be petted and held.
I did yoga, fed her and played with her. She was by my side the whole day. I asked around to see if anyone was missing a kitten and no one was. So we went off to Target and bought some supplies, came home and set her up with her own bowls and a litter box (she knew how to use it right away). 

 I searched Craig's List, the lost and found section in the paper, neighborhood fliers...Everything and no report of a missing kitty. I believe with her trusting nature and how she found her way into my backyard someone dumped her. It's not common for my neighbor and I to see cats and kittens just magically show up around here.

I was not wanting a cat or kitten, I love cats, kittens and all animals as many of you know, but my heart still aches for Mar. I miss my big boy kitty and still cry over the loss of him. A few people said that maybe Mar has lead the kitten to us, she came into our lives when we needed to think of what we have to offer and not about problems that come up...I do not know, I just know she is here and I need to learn how to open my heart up and realize that I have love to give even though I still hurt.

Mady Facts
Name: Mady (Matt + Kendy = Mady. My mom came up with it. I was going to name her something to do with yoga but then thought Downward Dog might not cut it).
Breed:  Tortoiseshell or as I like to think of her and her high energy TortoisesHELL. 
Age: Around 8 weeks looking at her teeth.
Favorite food: Coconut oil! I oil pull in the morning and once had some on my finger leftover, she went crazy licking it up. So now she gets a tiny bit in the morning. As soon as she hears the lid unscrew she is climbing up my leg to get some. I caught her trying to drink my cold brew almond milk coffee today - um no Mady!
Bad habit: Climbing and jumping on everything. She has already pulled down the curtains. 

I will be posting more of Mady's progress as the weeks go by. Right now I got to go kitten proof the house! 

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