Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Type Of Comfort Food

We all have our versions of comfort food. Mine is a plate of pasta with bread. It reminds me of being at home. My mom would make a basic Bolognes sauce with a jar of marinara and hamburger and buy a loaf of bread from the grocery store. Sometimes we would have a bowl of sauce and left over sandwich bread toasted as a snack. When I went veg in high school my mom would put aside sauce for me before adding meat. 
I usually grab a jar of Trader Joe's mushroom sauce, a bag of frozen meatless-balls and some organic pasta to make my pasta in a snap. I add toasted garlic bread with Earth Balance and olive oil and a side salad with a basic vinaigrette.One bite and I feel warm inside both from nourishment and memories.

Another classic comfort food is chocolate chip cookies. Yes, homemade is the best but when you are out and about and see a giant vegan chocolate chip cookie you can split with your boyfriend, you best grab it!I remember one year my mom made loads of them for me to share with my class room and surrounding classes in honor of my birthday or something special. Chocolate chip cookies are just a classic that we all have memories of!

What are your comfort food favorites? What memories do you have associated with the dishes/item?

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  1. I'm a huge comfort food fan too. My fave's are pizza and mac and cheese. I also love a good choc chip cookie.