Thursday, July 24, 2014

Food Network Fan Zine - Seeking Submissions

It's no lie I love me some Food Network. From Bobby Flay getting his but kicked on his new show to seeing Guy's outrageous dive food, I watch Food network a lot! I know I am not the only one. So I am hoping to put a comp zine together that showcases our likes and dislikes of the popular channel.

Here are some topics/prompts that I would like to explore. Use these if you like or make something up that is not covered. Submissions are due Aug. 30th 2014. If you contribute you get a copy of the zine mailed to your door!

Ideas to get your writing flow on:

-Create your own FN show - what would it be about - who would host it
-FN celebrity crush
-FN recreated recipe
-Fave FN show/why
-FN celeb you would most want to cook for you/why
-FN celeb that gets on your last nerves/why

Contact me at: missmuffcake(a)

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