Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sriracha & Smoke Pecans

Every week for the last month I have been making the Sriracha & Smoke Pecans from Salad Samurai for Matt's lunch and for me to snack on. They are so good. I use agave and pecans from Costco because the price cannot be beat. I initially bought pecans from the bulk bin at the store for $15 a pound, then at Costco I get 2+ pounds for that much. If you do not have a Coscto membership Trader Joe's has a good price on pecans at $4 - something a 1/2 pound.

Yes - that's my beloved bat Pyrex bowl! I wish I bought more a few years ago at Target! I am happy to see all the Halloween stuff already making the rounds! Bring on the spooky kitchen stuff!

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