Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Vegan Mofo] Vegan Finds At Target - My Theme

My theme for this years Vegan Mofo is Vegan Finds At Target! Why? Because I love Target and I am in there way more than I should be! I also want to stress how important big box stores are to getting vegan products to small towns and people on a budget. An ulterior motive for this theme is to say screw those food shamers who bag on those that eat things from a bag or box. I am not a doctor or health expert but I want to say eating food from a box that is supplemented with whole grains and fruits and veggies will not kill you. Go ahead and enjoy a veggie burger or some chips!

Week 1: Snack on this - random vegan finds that are perfect for snacking on. Munch on!
Week 2: Pantry essentials - things you should buy and keep on hand for quick fix meals and to make food prep easy.
Week 3: On the healthy side - because not everything from a box/bag/can is bad.
Week 4: 5 meals, 5 ingredients or less! Fast, easy and stress free ideas for busy nights or when you are not feeling it!

I hope Target fans will enjoy my theme! I hope to inspire some non-vegan people to shop for vegan products when they thought they could not. I will be here Monday through Friday and will have a few extra weekend posts thrown in! I will see you at Target!


  1. Awesome theme! Yes to everything you said about 'processed' supermarket food. Too bad we don't have Target in Europe.

  2. I'm totally excited about your theme & I bet it'll inspire me to head to Target to pick up a few things before I fly home next week!

  3. Sounds like a great theme! I love finding random vegan things in the supermarket! It doesn't happen all that often in the UK but I get excited when it does!