Monday, August 25, 2014

Win A Kitty & Plush Paradise In San Francisco's Japan Town

Recently in Japan Town (San Francisco) I tried my luck at winning a kitty in one of the claw machines. As much as I tried I did not win. I was so bummed. My heart was set on a wee kitten plush! I think I have only won something once in a claw machine, my sister on the other hand was really good with them! 

Plushy paradise - look at all that cute! I think I wanted one of everything. Only if I had the room and the money! Total cute overload! 

A basket full of stylish alpacas!

A book I bought myself - because playing with dolls never gets old!

I could have spent more time and loads more money. If only I could carry a giant neon alpaca or food plushie home on BART!


  1. Eeeek! Plush! I loved Japan Town but I didn't buy much because getting everything I wanted home would have been too hard!

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