Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Vegan Mofo] Pantry Essentials - PB2

It is Thursday  - a day that lacks any special mention in most people's weekly schedule. You have Monday - back to the old grind, Wednesday - that mid week hump day, Friday - get ready for the weekend...Somewhere among the shuffle, Thursday gets lost. 

I decided to hook Thursday up with one of my favorite things in the world - PEANUT BUTTER! Not just any peanut butter I am talking powdered PB2 peanut butter! When I first heard about this stuff I was not having it, powdered peanut butter? Gross. After trying it I am hooked and eat a few tablespoons to a mini bowl of it a day, serious good stuff.
Why powdered peanut butter and not the 'real' stuff? The first thing one might notice is the nutrition count: PB2 has 45 calories per 2 tablespoons and 1.5 grams of fat. The traditional stuff clocks in at 188 calories for 2 tablespoons and 8.0 grams of fat. Big difference right? Not that traditional peanut butter is bad - the oils and fat are of the good healthy kind. If you stick to a peanut butter that is more natural and not packed with sugar like some brands out there your good to go. No need to food shame anyone's peanut butter choices.
I like PB2 strait up, it is not oily and does not leave a grease trail on my lips. You can find me snacking on it and adding it to food. I like making a peanuty stir fry sauce with it or using it in powder form to coat fresh popped popcorn with a fine dusting for a sweet and salty taste. My fave way though - a small bowl of the stuff mixed super creamy style with a drizzle of chocolate syrup! If I have a banana on hand I slice it up and toss it into the mix.

Target has the best store prices of PB2 in town. I go for the original but the chocolate is not bad as well. Target carries both varieties so you can get your peanut butter love on. 


  1. I totally bought this when I was in Austin! I'm super intreagued by it abs I think it'll be good for travel. Do you think you could just sub it for PB in any PB containing sauce recipe or do you have a favourite recipe to use it in?

    1. you can totally use it as a replacement for regular peanut butter 1 for in any recipe. i have used it in sauces & baked goods with success!

  2. Wow, never heard of this before but it sounds great!

  3. I really want to try this, I have only seen it on ebay in australia but am thinking of buying some. I just know I would start putting it in everything though...from porridge to milkshakes to who knows what!

  4. This product sounds awesome, I love peanut butter but wasn't sure about powdered peanuts. You've given me some wicked ideas though :)