Friday, September 12, 2014

[Vegan Mofo] Pantry Essentials - Milk & Cereal

As we launch into the weekend thoughts of relaxation take shape in our mind or at least my mind - sleeping in is a priority! Feeling so relaxed that you do not want to do more than get up off the couch, but the grumbling in your stomach will not go away? Grab a box of cereal and some almond milk...A bowl and a spoon would come in handy too.

My go to plant based milk is unsweetened Blue Diamond Almond Milk in Original or Vanilla. I buy one of each every week. I use the vanilla flavored one in cereal, tea or coffee and baked good while the original flavor gets put into savory sauces and dips.This week the original was sold out so I had to get a shelf stable smaller version - ya Target has all your size needs covered!

If you have cereal on hand you have a quick anytime snack. Not just for the AM crowed cereal powers my lunch and depending on variety, it is a good late night snack. Target has a variety of natural and organic cereals and granola flavors - from the kiddie at heart kind to the more adult fruit and fiber style. I like it all! 

Do you have a favorite plant based milk and cereal combo?

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  1. I am obsessed with Cascadian Farm's Graham Crunch cereal! I accidentally spilled half the first box I ever bought, and was so distraught that my husband went out, and bought me a new one. I rarely eat cereal, but when I do it's that one. Yummmm!