Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Pomegranates - Eating & Crafting

When we bought the house we live in a few years back it was during September, we noticed green bulbs on a tree in the back, not sure what they will be. The next month we had beautiful pomegranates and envious friends!
Growing up my sister loved pomegranates - I tried them, not really a fan. Each year since we have had this house Matt and I try them and just share one and give the rest away. Yesterday I sat down to a organic apple for a snack - the apple was not tasty and I wanted fruit. So I went to the backyard and picked a pomegranate off the tree, washed it, cut in a munched on the seeds. It was tasty - sweet and sour and just what my body was craving. Maybe this year I will eat two!

After I munched away I cleaned up the juices and loved the burgundy wine color. I know the juice stains - the white napkin I used took the color in well. So I did some research - you can dye fabric using pom juice! Here are some links about dyeing fabric with the juice. I kinda want to tie dye or dip dye fabric for bows now!

Easy step by step instructions:

This video mostly talks about wool - but I think it would work on organic cotton just as well. It shows how different pots bring out different colors. Really pretty!


  1. Oh! So pretty!

    I think that if it'll dye linen, it'll definitely dye cotton too... you'll probably end up with a somewhat different shade/intensity but how can anything that comes from a pomegranate not be beautiful?

  2. I don't think I've ever eaten a whole pomegranate, I need to rectify that because I do really like them.

  3. You're super lucky to have that in your yard!