Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Good Enough To Eat - Crazy Rumors Lip Balm & DIY Lip Scrub

Ever since I was little I remember loving lip balms and glosses. From the tins that slide open to getting the sticky sweet roller ball variety that was to glossy for elementary school! Commercial based lip balm is far from vegan friendly often loaded with beeswax and lanolin, not to mention a host of other crappy things you do not want to have near your mouth.

Enter Crazy Rumors - vegan lip balm that comes in a ton of flavors. I have scooped a handful up over the last few months and like some kind of lip balm hoarder I keep them all in my purse. Maybe I need lip balm rehab!

I bought the soda pop collection because it was on sale and I got it for like $3! I go to this collection a lot - my favorites are the root beer and cola - both have a really classic flavor that makes you want to apply more. They are so good you may just feel like your lips are carbonated!

DIY Lip Scrub
1/8 teaspoon of brown sugar or sugar in the raw
1/4 teaspoon of olive oil
mixing bowl - spoon

Mix the two ingredients together. Apply to clean (non glossed lips) in a circular motion. Wipe off the sugar mix and follow up with your fave lip balm! Easy and I bet you have the ingredients on hand right now?


  1. MISSMUFFCAKE! Bastah here. I love Crazy Rumors and I so need to try that lip scrub

  2. $3!! Wow, I bought the cola one for about £4. It's amazing though so it was totally worth it!

  3. I loved lip balms when I was a kid, too. The tins were my favorite but those sticker roller balls ones were really fun, too.

    Crazy Rumors is one of my favorites. I especially love their orange flavors.