Monday, October 10, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Weekend Adeventures

I was not expecting to go back up to the mountains so soon, however Matt's work had a group day up at Black Oak Casino and I decided to play stowaway in hopes of a great meal.

This was my first time at a casino and I was smitten with all the lights and fun machines. I picked out anything cat related and go sucked in. Matt pulled me away so we could go eat.

Through the winding roads (battling car sickness) we headed to Murphy's again and had lunch at Mineral - both of us had the burgers and peanut butter truffles! Bought more tea at Tea an' Tiques, did some wine tasting at Black Sheep Vintners (the sparkling wine was so tasty - I am kicking myself for not buying a bottle - next time for sure!). Then drove through the mountains and on our way home.

Saturday we planned on going shopping and going out to eat an hour away but after the mountain roads, Matt's car acting up and just wanting to stay around we decided to keep it in town with a movie and shopping.

I decided to try and recreate a dish Matt was planning on having. It is barbequed seitan over mashed potatoes. This is really easy and you could get more hands on - using homemade seitan (I cannot find wheat gluten here!). I also used boxed mashed potatoes - another short cut!

2 packages of seitan chunks
1/2 spicy sweet BBQ sauce
a bit of olive oil
prepared mashed potatoes

Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat, add seitan chunks, fry for a few minutes, tossing to brown each side. Add BBQ sauce, reduce the heat to a medium low setting and cook till the sauce becomes bubbly. Plate the mashed potatoes creating a bowl shape and scoop in seitan - serve and say yummy (and easy!)...


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous day out :) I am a sucker for flashing lights LOL

  2. Ditto, Gayle. neon and flashing lights, what does that say about us. The seitan over mashers sounds like the perfect comfort food. A must make! Thanx for a great post.