Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Good Enough To Eat - Kaia House & Apple Cider Vinegar

You know I love a good scrub - pair that with a mask and I am sold. I picked up 'new skin exfoliating mask' by Kaia House from a coupon deal. I tried it over the weekend and here are my thoughts. I scooped a bit out, the scent is lemon custard like and the texture reminds me of dried rice in Vegenaise - odd but not so odd feeling. The mask felt cool and refreshing - I need to use it some more to see any more benefits - this was a quick trail run.

More of a DIY beauty person. Well - read on!

So I use a lot of hair spray and straitening gel on my hair - these can leave a gross buildup on your strands and dull the shine. For the last month I have been using apple cider vinegar to degunk my hair! 1 part ACV (I say like 3 tablespoons) to 2 parts water. Place all of this in a plastic bottle or cup/mix or shake and hop in the shower. After shampooing your hair pour the mix over your scalp and rub it in for a few minutes - keep your eyes closed - this stuff can burn them! Rinse your hair and move onto conditioner. My hair is so shiny after doing this! Don't worry about the smell - your strands do not stink afterwards!

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