Friday, October 14, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Keeping It Local: Sunflower Market

This week Sunflower Market opened in Modesto. We check it out yesterday, not expecting much. In the past other stores have let us down - offering little in the way of vegan products or not going with their name...

We were happy to see Sunflower Market has a lot in the way of vegan food and ingredients - the prices were way cheaper than a lot of stores in the area. They also had some hard to find vegan products. It is like a mini Whole Foods market. It was packed and I did not get to take many pictures - I started having a panic attack (crowds do that to me - plus the feeling of being overwhelmed & hungry). We bought some much needed ingredients for dinner and I discovered the coolest thing ever (well, one of the coolest things!):

At first I thought it was a honey station - I was like ick, but noticed they had two types of agave! I got a traditional honey bear full of agave! Sweet! I have never seen this before and was thrilled!

I am going back tomorrow and have coupons ready from the site. You can customize the coupons sent to you by diet type - they have vegetarian and vegan! Yay!


  1. I love that the agave goes in honey bears. I love honey bears, it's just a shame that honey usually goes in them.

  2. The agave station is so cool! You're lucky to have that market there. I wish one was here!

  3. You are correct: this is the coolest thing ever! I so want an agave bear.

  4. I agree with all the other readers. That agave station is sooooo adorable and clever.