Friday, October 28, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Good Enough To Eat: E.L.F. Sets & DIY Room Scent

While out shopping last week I stumbled upon the E.L.F. kits for the holiday season for $5 and under. I know some of their makeup is not great but I also love some of their products (as you may know). I picked up the above set and have been trying all the glosses this week. My faveorite color is Miami (the second color) - which is more peach-gold-rose in person. Each color tastes and smells fruity and are pretty sheer. Also there is not gross stickiness to the glosses. These are good as is or over lipstick or even mixed with one another. $5 = bargain, try to find another vegan gloss, just one for that price!

Cinnamon Room Scent
a teaspoon of cinnamon (no need to get fancy - the cheap stuff is good)
about a cup of water

Mix the two ingredients in a small sauce pot and set over medium-low heat to simmer. It will make your whole house smell like a pie without any scary chemicals! I like doing this as I clean the house - I like things that smell good! Check on it every 30 minutes or so to make sure the water does not dry out and burn the cinnamon to the bottom of your pot!