Monday, October 24, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Keepin' It Simple Weekend

We had a really relaxed weekend. Saturday Matt took the recyclables in and we headed over to the farmer's market and used the cash to score stuff from the Middle Eastern stand. We grabbed our usual - hummus (both spicy varieties), pita chips and I went for the Mediterranean couscous salad. I was a bit bummed about another trip to the market and no tofu salad but the couscous salad is so good - it was loaded with veggies and pitted cured olives. I lived on the container all weekend!
I am going back to get more of this couscous salad!

Matt and I searched for cruelty free - non leather gym shoes this week. At one store the staff (two guys) were puzzled about why we did not want leather. Guy 1 - 'said even if shoes say leather - it means synthetic' - I think not. Guy 2 was a jerk and started questioning Matt about his shoes - Matt was wearing his old Converse Chucks - made of canvas. I doubt we will go back to that store.

At Payless Matt bought me super cozy vegan furry shoes. I wanted them in black - but no stores in the area had my size in black so I went with grey and even got an additional $4 off!

I went to Hobby Lobby which is new to the town and bought some crafting supplies. However my favorite find is this giant plush lollipop I got at 40% off.

Sunday was a day of cleaning up, working out, Matt playing video games and a call from Trader Joe's. I found out I won a $25 gift card - I am so stoked to pick it up this week and buy food! I also enjoyed a hour or so with my mom and dad over a soy cappuccino and coming home and finishing off the couscous!

I hope your weekend was fun - even if it was relaxed like ours!

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