Friday, October 21, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] Time For Some More Tea

I think Numi's Chocolate Puerh is the number one tea around the house. Matt is a picky tea person but most mornings before he heads of to work I make him a cup of this with soy or almond milk and stevia. I like it a lot too - it is like hot chocolate but lighter (when you add soy milk & sweetener) and it is comforting. I plan on trying the vegan cookie recipe that comes on the box!
I picked The Republic of Tea's Vanilla Almond because I like almond and vanilla combined. When it is brewing it smells like almond shortbread - sweet and buttery. I serve it with soy milk and stevia but stevia on it's own tastes just as great. It makes me feel warm inside. It is a great after dinner tea served with some sugar cookies!

What tea are you drinking right now?


  1. How is the Numi chocolate compared to the Red Velvet Chocolate? I got some of it (the Red Velvet) a few weeks ago & think it's kind of weak.... but I'd love to find another one that's more chocolatey!

  2. The Numi has more of a pure flavor, it is subtle chocolate but you sure can tell it is chocolatey. It brews really creamy like.

  3. Sounds good to me! I'll have to look for it. Thanks!

  4. I love Republic of Tea's Vanilla Almond! The day I reached the last tea bag was a very sad day indeed.