Monday, October 17, 2011

[Vegan Mofo] A Box of Goodies

It all started with me searching for canned jack fruit...Kala from Vegancraftastic said she could get some and a swap was born! We have swapped before and I love swapping with people that come through (some people do not - those people suck!).

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Bettlejuice (or Carmine Carmine Carmine ;P)! My sister and I had this movie growing up on VHS - we watched it daily - it was missing from the collection. I was at Target (I go like two times a week) and bought a bunch of frames from their Halloween collection - however told myself to go back and buy this one so I could have money left in my account. Well, Kala must have read my shopping list mind! A super cool sugar skull ornament to add to my collection and a kitty cookie cutter to round out this grouping.

Food! Jack fruit, mochi, a cookie, Primal Strips and interesting black rice pasta. I am trying to think of a way to best utilize the black rice pasta! I saw black pasta a few weeks ago at the store but it contained squid ink - icky! This is completely natural and super rad!

Close up!!!!

Kala also sent me some zines - they are sitting on my side of the bed (at night I read before bed!). You need to check out her fall zine and get a copy!

Thank you again Kala! Swapping with you is a treat!


  1. Nice haul! With Halloween coming up, I'd be tempted to make that pasta into a salad with some orange peppers and maybe carrots.

  2. What an awesome package. I would love to try black rice macaroni!

  3. What's all this about jack fruit? Every vegan blog, jack fruit jack fruit? But hey uber cool swap and movie classic. Kala's new zine looks great.