Monday, June 27, 2011

Sacramento Birthday Fun

My birthday is officially tomorrow but my boyfriend took me to Sacramento on Saturday for birthday fun since I did not want to have a get together this year.

First up Sugar Plum Vegan really hooked me up for my birthday meal. We ate for free (Matt gave them a good tip though!). I had the antipasto panini - so tasty. They have stepped up their game with the tempeh bacon and Daiya - in the past it was a bit scarce or dried out - this time perfect! Across the street Never Felt Better was having a bake sale, we dropped off some cakey moist brownies and low cal chocolate muffins (recipe testing these for the next issue of my zine).

At the bake sale I bought the magnet above, a tasty Sweet Cups that I shared with Matt and a doughnut that I shared with Matt and Mar when we got home later that night. I could not buy much due to the fact it would have been melted in the car since we were running around all day. I also bought some gifts at Never Felt Better and dropped off The Easy Vegan zine (which is 32% off in my Etsy right now till June 30 for my birthday. Use code HAPPYBDAY when checking out).

At Phone Select where the bake sale was hosted I bought some zines and then we walked a block over to Dragatomi and I bought a few blind box toys! I love the best Friends Forever series!

While in Sacremento we looked at a few tattoo shops, did some shopping at Lush and Whole Foods and the Lego store for Matt. I even tried out some crackle nail polishes, I do not paint my nails often - but I get a urge now and then!

We made our way on home stopping at Loving Hut for dinner. I had the Heavenly Salad which was light but filling!

Thank you Matt for a fun day!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday weekend! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Hi Kendy! I actually just stumbled across your Etsy store! I remember you took my MJC community ed mixed media art class in the Spring of 2007. Good to see you are still as creative as ever! Sounds like you had a nice pre-birthday, I've actually eaten at Loving Hut in Fresno and loved it! All the best! ~A