Monday, June 13, 2011

Snack Time!

I am always on the look out for vegan snacks. I will pick up anything and give it a try if it is vegan!

Right now these Keebler peanut butter sticks are a hit around here. Not the healthiest thing - but one at night with a cup of tea or decaf hits the spot! Matt was like "wow - who makes these?" and studied the box for future purchases! They have that comforting quality of the lunch box snacks you grew up with.

On to something a bit more healthy - but seriously addicting, Rhythm's zesty nacho flavored kale chips. Not really a traditional crispy chip - more like soft chip crumbs - these are odd but you have to have more. There is a mild kick to it but it has a cheezey like taste. I would like to try other flavors but this was all I could find at the store down the street!

Have you discovered any new snacks that you can't get enough of lately?


  1. There hasn't been much I've been eating a lot of lately, but I have been eyeing up those kale chips for a long time now. They look good!

  2. ive been eyeballing those peanut butter fudge sticks for a while now. i was happy to see they are vegan, but i know if i eat them ill probably get hooked. :/ but its good to know they are there for those days of cravings. =D