Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chasteberry - A No Go For Me!

A few months back my face was being all wonky with breakouts along my chin. Not really severe but not typical for my face. I knew along the chin/jaw is hormonal, not seasonal skin stress as I often expierence when the weather starts to perk up.
I did a bit of research and found out chasteberry is supposed to help the skin balance out during hormonal times and as a bonus it would help my PMDD. I found some vegan caps and started taking them even though they tasted super nasty!
A few days later a thick fog came over me. I was so depressed, thinking it was a normal (for me: I suffer from depression, anxiety and OCD) I just rode it out. A few days later I had a panic attack and my vision was kinda blurry, I thought this was due to allergies. When I started feeling really depressed I started thinking of any new changes, the only one I could think of was chasteberry.
I again turned to online and found minimal evidence of side effects but some included depression and blurred vision. I stopped taking the caps right away and 24 hours and some mantra prayers later the fog lifted. I had a day (a first in over a week) I was not crying and felt good.

I am not saying that if you take chasteberry this will happen to you. I am just saying be careful, things do not always effect us the same! My hormonal acne is gone, my mood is better and my eyes are feeling better and that is what matters!

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  1. Yikes! I'm glad that you researched it and found that out. It's so strange how some things can affect us!