Friday, September 13, 2013

[Vegan MOFO] Friday Finds - Costco Is Where It's At!

I have had a Costco membership for a few years now. We get gas there every week and once in awhile go in to see if anything is new. Well, last month that changed and we are going weekly to see the new loot they get in since launching an organic section.
It started with loaves of par baked rosemary bread,  really good baked up cheezey garlic bread style and grabbing a case of Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It blossomed into buying more almond milk, vegan cookbooks, price checking Mar's meds, baking supplies: like ridiculously cheap organic agave nectar and last weekends holy grail - a case of Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

These are Matt's favorite candy bar! So when I saw them I directed Matt's attention to them and in the cart they went! I like them a lot to! I like that the big box contains individually wrapped cups for lunchbox packing and conscious snacking.

So check out Costco! I know Costco carries different products at different locations. However, you never know what you will find. I know I want to go shopping there tomorrow!


  1. I would totally have snapped up a box of those PB cups, yummy!

  2. THOSE peanut butter cups. Pure heaven! I think I would be in trouble with that many in the house...but I could learn to live with it. ;)

  3. I love shopping at Cosco!!! :D Hahah right before coming here, I just ate a bunch of peanut butter cups! (Bad diet for me, bad!) XD
    I am a new follower on your blog! :D

  4. Hehe, we live about few minutes away from Costco back in Oregon. And yes, I love these peanut butter cups - they are great travel snacks, too!

  5. Mr. Cosco is getting to be really cool. He intends to add more vegan finds and he treats his workers right!
    Yay for your Cosco finds.

  6. Ohhhhh! Costco in Melbourne certainly doesn't have those Peanut butter cups! I'd renew my membership if they did. Yum!