Friday, September 20, 2013

[Vegan MOFO] Friday Finds - 99 Cent Only

My mom who is the former Queen of Yard Sales renounced her title a few years back and now has become Queen of the $1 Stores. Growing up Saturday mornings meant sleeping in a bit, watching cartoons and either going to yard sales with my mom or having her bring home loot we could go through. I think for the most part we stayed home - she would often be gone before the first sugar crusted cereal bit hit the bowl or a toy commercial came on...

Now she is consistently searching for gems at the 99 Cent Only store(s) and sometimes she alerts me to products I need to pick up. Last weekend she told me that they had big things of Zico Chocolate Coconut Water, so I grabbed a few, great deal but one expired before I even opened it...Matt has been having a glass each morning with his breakfast and I have added it to some tea that was pretty bland and needed a pick me up.

I scored a bunch of Halloween decorations and hot sauce! I searched the hot sauce section on a mission - to walk away with a new find. 

Do you ever go to the $1 stores? If so score anything good? Last month I picked up bags of mini Chick-O-Sticks at the Dollar General and vegan nail polish! I guess you never know what you may find!


  1. yay for the dollar queen. Dollar stores are great for holiday decorations and even plates for food styling. I've scored sourdough pretzels. and nifty placemats.

  2. Oooh fun! I love finding vegan stuff in the more unexpected locations!

  3. I love these kind of stores, really love them. We have an amazing one in the UK called B and M Bargains. I love that every visit is different and you never know what you're going to find. I grew up going to Jumble Sales which is kind of our equivalent of a yard sale :)