Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Vegan MOFO] WWGFD Wednesday - Basic Breakfast Diner Style

Diners, Drive - Ins and Dives is one of my favorite shows. I really like when they show an interesting take on a classic. I like the idea of diner food for breakfast. Growing up on special occasions my family would go have breakfast at the restaurant inside the bowling alley! I remember my mom would order us cups of hot chocolate and we would drink them up right away instead of waiting.

Weekend breakfast time was a a weekly thing in our house. My mom would make pancakes or pop open a can of biscuits and serve them with gravy (or pb&j) or my dad would make waffles with the waffle iron. When I would go to my aunt's house she would make fried potatoes, lots of margarine and salt. When I fist moved out making fried potatoes was my go to meal, cheap, comforting and easy to make. These fried potatoes are what diner dreams are made of.

After taking Mar to the vet I came home and needed a plate of comfort food for dinner. I cooked us up fried potatoes with red bell peppers, scrambled tofu and sour dough toast. I served it curried ketchup bought at the store and the meal made my belly happy.
While the picture looks bland - fear not it is good. I used a nice amount of Earth Balance coconut oil spread and Himalayan pink sea salt on the potatoes in my non-stick pan with red bell pepper slices. I like my potatoes crunchy, I actually pick off any burnt pieces stuck on the pan and eat them!  The scramble is just the basic tofu scramble...Comforting - what diner food is supposed to be!

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