Thursday, May 26, 2016

What's New In My Purse

New things that have found their way into my purse over the last month. I try to keep my purse light because my last purse snapped on me and it was a favorite of mine. Boo hoo!

Haiku RFID Mini Wallet. I bought this in hopes it will be a good essentials wallet when I do not feel like toting around my everyday wallet. It hold about 3 cards, a few bills and it fits into my pocket and small purse without bulk. The material is sturdy and has a security band to keep stuff safe. It even has an ID window inside. $15

A new staple in my purse is Unicorn Farts OCD Hand Sanitizer by Fortune Cookie Soap. When I was shopping on the site I saw this line and at first I was outraged thinking it was mocking OCD, then clicked on a link that said that some of the proceeds go to TheOCD Foundation. As a person who has OCD I want to support causes that help anything that has to do with mental illness especially ones that are overlooked. $2.89

Question: how often do you clean your purse and wallet? Found any weird stuff lurking about lately?


  1. That hand sanitiser is cuuuute and I love that money goes to the OCD foundation. I miss having a handbag! I've been living out of my backpack for 17 months now and just throw a few things in a tote bag when I head out for the day.

  2. I LOVE that unicorn hand sanitizer and that is so awesome that the money goes to the OCD Foundation. My bag and wallet are both most likely full of old receipts, whenever I see "whats in my bag" posts I'm amazed at all the nice things people have in their bags - I'm not one of those people!