Thursday, June 2, 2016

Currently My Favorite Black Eyeliner

I am always searching for vegan & cruelty free beauty products. One thing I can never get enough of is black eyeliner. I first discovered eyeliner in pencil form in junior high. That black pencil could also double as lip liner! Wow!!! Once in my best friend's basement she found an old tube of liquid black eyeliner and said she had been looking for it for months and preceded to use it, hygiene be damned.

Black liner has been a staple for me since the 90s. A few weeks back I picked up Infinite Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner by Milani and decided to give it a spin. First of it is under $10 so that is a big time bonus given the fact I go through black eye liner like water on a hot day (drink that water!).

It is a felt tip which means it is pretty much goof proof. The felt tip goes on smooth - no dragging. Also there is no drying issues - the tip stays wet through both lids. These two points are why I was disappointed in a high end vegan liner that is similar in design and double the price. The formula dries fast and stays put. My wings stayed sharp for 12 hours with just some fading from running around and sweating. So far the felt tip has had no issues like getting fuzzy and has been able to keep drawing the perfect lines - from thick to thin.

This a must try if you are always searching for a long lasting black eyeliner. It is great for the rising temps or just to create the perfect cat eye effect. If you have tried this and liked it let me know. I will be posting more cruelty free & under $10 vegan beauty picks in the next few weeks so your money can go to non-dairy ice cream to keep you cool as the heat rises.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect eyeliner! It's my favourite item of make up and has been since the 80's!