Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Food Pr0n

Gochujang glazed tofu with steamed broccoli over jasmine rice. I mix Gochujang (San - J brand), rice vinegar, soy sauce and a Sriracha together and pour over extra firm tofu after frying a bit, continue to fry so you get it all caramelized and tasty. Post gym meals usually look like this on the weeknight.

I went up to the counter to pay for lunch at Blossom Vegan and saw slices of mocha chocolate cake and was like 'please bring me a slice with two spoons to share with my dude!"... 

Vegan mint milk shake split for two via Saturn Cafe. We usually get the loteria meets Star Wars table in the back! I like ordering pancakes and french fries - because I can! 

 Even when they spell my name wrong this drink is super yum. Coconut milk vanilla bean frap + a banana blended in minus the whip cream. Tip: just get it with coconut milk, soy milk makes it taste watery and gross!

These are just a few of the things I have been munching on....  

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