Friday, May 13, 2016

Souley Vegan Po Boy Delight

Matt and I turned on DDD  - Food Network to see our town featured. First up though they showcased Souley Vegan in Oakland - a place we have been to before. We were both happy to see a 100% vegan place on Food Network. The item that stood out most was the Po Boy. We both decided we have to get one next time in town.
The menu online only sates a 'shrimp' version is offered but the restaurant menu offers a 'chicken' version. Both of us are not a fan of seafood like tastes so we opted for the seitan based chicken. Our food came out fast but the side of fries did not appear on our plates so we had to ask for them and got indifferent looks. Same with the hot sauce - once on the table - free flowing, now served in a dinky lil bowl. One bite of the sandwich though I was happy! First time in weeks I said how much I enjoyed eating and was hungry. Each lil seitan nugget was crunchy and flavorful. The veggies are crisp and cooling. A big sloppy sandwich but sure worth the mess!

We have found the food in the past mediocre here but this sandwich was awesome. It had loads of flavor - something we found lacking in the past. Try it with a cayenne lemonade (my fave drink!)  like I did!

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  1. Ha, we just watched this episode last night! I'm really intrigued by her method of putting nori in the seitan. I'm trying that for sure!