Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating Memories Of Mar - Monday

Friday March 7th would have been Mar's 17th birthday, a day I thought we would celebrate together. I was planning on releasing a zine this Friday but decided to take some of my ideas and writings and post them on my blog instead. I want everyone to be able to remember my best friend and share some cat love.

Days like these that are cloudy with rain in the forecast I like to nap. Mar like most cats liked to nap as well. I liked picking Mar up and carrying him to bed and stretching out next to him and sleeping. It was very comforting to me to hear his purr, feel him breathing in and out and pet him to we both drifted off.
In the winter Mar kept me warm. Our first apartment together was pretty drafty. When the calendar marked November and our apartment had no heater we would both get under the blankets to cuddle. Mar liked having the blankets on him. He loved playing under them while I made the bed. He preferred to get on top of all of the blankets and on occasion on top of Matt's chest.
Mar also liked my pillow. Matt would tell me to move him when I could not get comfortable. However I never did and had neck pain the next morning. He also loved sleeping in the crook of my knees, if I would move, he would get angry and let me know (claw or meow or sometimes both).

The bed feels empty. Sometimes in the middle of the night the blankets bunch up behind me and for a split second I move gently thinking it is Mar. Then the realization hits me and my heart hurts. Matt has had visions of Mar in bed and I have had realistic dreams of him...I believe it is him, letting us know he is around.

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  1. This post is so sweet and literally brought tears to my eyes. I don't know how I'll handle it when inevitably I lose my cat one day. She's 7.75 yrs now, shocking how fast time goes, but she is healthy as ever and has lots and lots of years left. I know exactly what you mean about seeing a movement or something from the corner of your eye and thinking it's your cat - it happens to me all the time. RIP Mar, you were clearly very deeply loved.