Thursday, March 6, 2014

Honoring Mar's Memory By Helping Kitties Thursday

Yesterday I dropped off 17 kitty sized blankets at the library which is collecting them for the Snuggles 
Project. They were just simple fleece blankets cut out with pinking shears but cats seem to love cuddly fleece and I hope it helps some kitties in need. At the library I noticed they have a pet photo wall for the month of March. I am going back this week with a photo of Mar to stick up.

Tomorrow I plan on donating some money to the cat charities that we stand behind. It is not a lot but at this time of year funds will be really needed because of kitten season. I am in the process of trying to tnr some of my neighborhood ferals that came over to visit Mar at times. I do not want to see more kittens on the street.

Before losing Mar I would donate every week to charities, hold bake sales to help cats and collect blankets for shelters/rescues. I continue to do this because there are so many animals in need. When people ask if I want a new cat, or have I gotten a new cat (which angers me) I tell them 'no, that the feral cats and cats in shelters keep me occupied'...

If we all just took a few dollars out of our pocket to donate, or collected newspaper and blankets for a shelter or donated time, more animals could be rescued. Honor those friends that you lost or the friends in your home right now by helping out those that are not so lucky.

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